Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home Safe

I drove up to Plano to pick up Linda Lou yesterday. I must say now that the President George HW Bush Turnpike has shortened that drive by a considerable amount. Anyhow I got Linda Lou into the car, Bingo T. Pug was glad to see her. I got her home in one piece with only a couple of stops for a script for her and some buttermilk.

Mainly I've been mowing since then. We've had so much rain that it's almost a jungle out there. There are places where no once can see Princess standing upright.

For some odd reason I cannot get the pictures to move from the mailbox to "My Pictures" where I can upload them to blogsplat. So, Linda Lou has them in her desktop. Tomorrow while she is watching TV she'll upload them and then I'll write it up after mowing some more. There are huge spots in our yards where I cannot cut a whole foot swath at a time. So, naptime.

Oh, Linda Lou can't be up for very long yet but she can already move on her walker better than before the surgery. So, more later.


pamibe said...

"she can already move on her walker better than before the surgery."

GREAT news!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! for the good news.