Monday, April 16, 2012


So it seems Linda Lou will be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow. And the mower got fixed enough to run. I cannot mow the full acre of mine and my neighbor lady who usually mows with my mower. Seems that she somehow broke a few ribs some time back and didn't know it. So she had some muscle aches and her daughter, thinking she was being nice, bought her a deep massage. Oops! This rebroke those ribs that were healing, Now she isn't supposed to do much so, it's my turn for a while. Meanwhile the grass is over a foot high because we couldn't get the stupid mower to run, Grr! And the little alternator on the mower doesn't have enough left to keep the battery charged so it runs for a while and then I have to push it back to where the cord for the battery charger will reach.

Naturally I also have to do something about the house, too. And here I am, online. Oh well, that's important, too. After all I have to somehow remove from this computer. Mm. Low morals. There was a time when I really valued that in a woman.

Oh well, I'm agonna rinse all the dishes in the sink, fill the dishwasher and that's about all the cleaning. I got real energetic last week and cleaned up her bathroom. That ought to count for something. Actually I ought to already have the Hero Husband First Class Medal, with swords and Palms.

Okay, breaks over, everybody back on their heads! Somebody tell me again why I moved out to Resume Speed, Texas for my retirement.

Update: We got the mower running, sorta. The grass and weeds on our combined yards are well over a foot high due to the mower going on strike, along with the rain every few days. So I mowed until dark, got near a tenth of the acre mowed. Okay, maybe a little more. The grass is so wet it's almost impossible to mow. Sigh.


pamibe said...

YAY! So happy for you and Linda Lou! She must be doing very well!

My yard guys just left, so I'll stay mum on the subject of mowing... ;)

Anonymous said...

Just keep at it, a little at a time. Glad to hear Linda Lou will be home soon.

Gebiv said...

Would it be easier to just fence the lawn and get a couple of goats?