Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Linda Lou Update

I spoke to Linda Lou earlier. Yesterday she managed to walk to the bathroom on her new knee and walker. Big plus there.

Then last night her heartbeat slowed way down, she passed out and her blood pressure went in the toilet.

When last I spoke to er she was getting three units of blood but was cheerful. In other news the tornadoes passed us by here in Resume Speed, Texas. They hit all around, Meanwhile, here it rained like a brown cow peein' on a flat rock, wind blew like um, a high wind and the dogs had a fit, scared them so bad they pooped all over the house. Well, maybe that was because I poured too much bacon grease all over their kibble.

I had visions of taking the fast flight to Oz but we came out fine, trees in one piece, the car undamaged and everything. Thank you, Lord.

And thank you, taxpayers. Now that we're officially old Medicare is our primary insurance. Our Secondary is the policy from our working lives. Funny, we're still paying bills from Linda Lou's hospital stay when she broke that ankle when she was just a child of sixty-four. Now that she's a grownup her Medicare pays most and her postal retiree policy pays the co-pays. Of course the policy costs eats up more than half of LL's pension check but, without that policy we'd be under the lake.

Anyhow, we're all still kicking, the dogs are fine and the Trespasser Dog is visiting while his mama is visiting some of her kids and grandkids. Had to get dogs. If only I had got some other kind of critter, like a goldfish I'd have been able to stay up there with our daughter and her kids (and hubby) and been up there with Linda Lou. As it is I have enough gas to go pick her up and bring her home. Thank the Lord that Stephanie and her twin brother Micheal are close by the hospital.

Oh, and that bacon grease? I had most of a package of bacon getting too old in the fridge. So I cooked it all, ate more than my Doc would like to hear about, gave some to the dogs and tonight's dinner is a big baked tater with real butter, real sour cream, a mountain of cheese and the rest of the bacon. Calories, blood sugar and cholesterol don't count when Linda Lou is in the hospital. That's SCIENCE!

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pamibe said...

Mmmmm... bacon! Totally off limits to me, so at this point just hearing about it is satisfying! :)

Hope they don't keep Linda Lou away from you any longer than absolutely necessary!