Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Knew The Schools Were Failing but

So the leaders of the New Black Panther Party are calling for an armed revolution and race war.At least the BPP of the '60s and '70s wanted a general battle, the left against everyone, these clowns are calling for a white vs. black war.
I reckon they don't get out much, they just look around the self-made ghettos they hang out in and haven't bothered to notice they're outnumbered some eight to one. Nor have they figured out that there ain't no food in da hood except what is brought in , brought by people working for companies owned mostly by whites. So, dear NBPP peabrains, you'll only be able to get to the whites stupid enough to live near you and once you start that you'll be stuck in your stinkin' cities with nothing to eat and everyone outside your self-made slums ready to shoot back. Idiots. Haven't even learned to count.
It looks as if Linda Lou is recovering faster than we thought she would. . She is already making laps around the exercise gym at the rehab hospital, I forgot to ask if she was able to move on a cane yet. I suspect, though, that she's still on her walker. Anyhow it looks as if she may come home as soon as Tuesday.
I got about ten pictures of Mary Grace in a couple of e-mails but, for some reason I cannot figure out how to move them from the e-mail to Windows Photo Gallery to Blogger. So I quit worrying about it until Linda Lou gets home and we'll try again. Surely there is a way.


pamibe said...

As a "pink person" I invite Michelle to try me.

No, that sounds too confrontational. How about "get a life" instead? Maybe "if you knocked that chip off your shoulder you might be able to enjoy life".

Good grief.

Mrs. Who said...

Hope LL keeps making a quick recovery! Maybe she can help so we can see pictures of the newest grandbaby!