Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama Dogs The Economy

Oh, and by the way, I'm plumb tired of all the "Romney tied his dog to the top of the car" stories. Sorry, folks, I live in Texas. I see dogs in the back of pickups all the time, they LOVE riding outside where they get the full blast of smells as they motor along. On top of the car? In halfway decent weather it'd be doggie heaven. The Romney pet had one bad time, when he got the runs. Well, dogs can actually have kind of sensitive digestion and the change in water, etc, can give a dog's innards a tough time. And so the dog throws up. Or poops. Or both.

Some years back I took Captain Fatbob, the Black Pug of Doom and Rex, the full grown German shepherd that had been abandoned when the husband decided he liked cocaine better than his house, wife, kids, dog and job from here to Phoenix to live with our oldest boy and his wife.In my PT Cruiser. With Linda Lou. With all her stuff and this was for a wedding. Linda Lou cannot go down the street for an outside BBQ without a suitcase. An overnight trip needs four suitcases for her and a spare pair of socks for me. I can understand the dog on the roof and no, it wasn't cruel, as long as the dog got exercise and food and water regularly.

And Obama eating dog as a kid?Don't care. Obama eating the whole damned economy as an adult? The mass of petty officials trying to eat our freedom. I care.


pamibe said...

Where obama comes from, eating dog is the thing to do; nothing too difficult to understand about that.

I also understood Romney putting his dog on the roof. It was in a dadgum crate, not like the dog was strapped up there nekkid, with no protection.

People choose the silliest stuff to become enraged over...
Though I am enjoying the 'obama eats dachshund' graphics. Heh...

Anonymous said...

I agree. Wish the press would investigate some important stuff.