Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Partial Victory

If I gambled I would never go to a Harrahs Casino after their virtually naming their employees who hadn't voted early and ordering their lower level managers to get them out to vote for that scum Reid. Reid's victory is among the most heartbreaking loss in this election.

I would have liked to see O'Donnel win but it seems Delaware still likes to burn witches.

Grayson out in Florida, great news. Col. West in, Rubio in, more great news. Not much excitement here in Texas, my Congressman, Ralph Hall won handily. It was only today that I learned who his Democrat opponent was and I've already forgot her name.

The biggest news is out of the Waco area where Democrat Chet Edwards finally lost. I know little or nothing about Flores, the Republican that won. The only thing I know about Waco is that sometimes I used to stop at the Elite Cafe and Truck Stop when I was traveling north and south on I-35. It used to be pretty good. Oh, and I once stopped at the Texas Ranger Museum (the law enforcement bunch, not the baseball team). Since the Flores-Edwards fight was not in my district I paid little attention to it, but I expect that since Edwards was, if not a Blue Dog, not a Pelosi lap dog, little or no money came in from the big Dem slush funds. After all, Edwards was a friend to Veterans and the military, can't have that in today's Democrats.I doubt it will happen this election cycle but with Pelosi out as Speaker, it would be nice to see the Donks return to a center-left position. Of course, with Obama as the titular head of the Party, that won't happen soon.

Funny, though. West Virginal has been a reliably blue state for some years now. Yet, to win Bob Byrd's old seat, the Donk had to run harder against Obama than he did against the Republican. Now was that because it was the seat of Byrd, (D-KKK) or just because W. VA is a center left State? I don't know enough about W.VA to know.

Anyway, we know that we won a partial victory, now we see if we have enough real patriots in the House to defund the idiocy that Pelosi brought. If not, the next election will be a bloodbath.

There will be more on this later, right today I have to try to prepare the house for Linda Lou. She will not come home today like we thought, but tomorrow. Seems she had a hema-something, some fancy medical name for a big ol' blood blister that she broke somehow in her bout with the physical terrorists and she ended up bleeding all over the floor They were then scared that they'd have to send her up to Medical City Hospital for more surgery right then but the wound care doctors took care of it and so now she'll come home on Thursday for a while, 'til around Pearl Harbor Day, then more surgery.

This more modern medicine is nice, I suppose, but they used to put us in a walking cast, a couple of weeks to a month or two we were on crutches, and then when the bones were healed they'd cut off the cast. In early February of '67 my leg got badly dinged in nearly the same place. I was back on full duty by late December. Linda Lou will be recovering from her fourth surgery by late December. Sigh. Progress. Of course I was a lot younger then.

Update 11/05/10: Linda Lou is home. She can (barely) move from her wheelchair to the couch or recliner, depending on which she chooses to sleep on and to the bedside commode. I shall be busy for a while.

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