Thursday, October 28, 2010

Frustration Day

I don't know what kind of news it was, we got a letter from the surgeon who claims he can fix Linda Lou's broken leg delaying the surgery. It was scheduled for November 18th, two weeks and two days after they let her out of this one hospital, it's now going to be on the sixth of December.

Y'all pardon me for being really tired of this. I'm tired of having to drive to Dallas. I'm tired of not having my wife able to move. I won't say that I'm tired of taking care of her but I will say that it's making it hard to take care of myself. I went to the specialists at the Texas Back Institute Wednesday and got a whole slew of routines to work with the Physical Terrorists, trying to get my back to work where I'm not getting crippled with muscle spasms. No one quite understands why it will be my lower back one time, my neck another. It may be related to the arthritis, it may be related to the Parkinson's, it may be something else. All I know is that Thursday I was supposed to be in PT at two PM, so I went to bed early, two AM. I woke up at two fifteen in the afternoon. I'm plumb wore out.

So, Linda Lou will be home, with nothing stabilizing those bones in her leg, which have been broken since the end of February, from the third of November until the day before Pearl Harbor Day. I am supposed to juggle three two hour PT appointments, driving to and fro, shopping, cooking and taking care of her. I do not know where I will get the strength. Get it I will, though, because I must.

Excuse me while I go kick the dog. Hmm, which dog? How about the red dog from the neighbor's who came in with Bingo the other day and stole the Tootsie Roll Toy off the living room floor when he snuck in while I was taking my morning constitutional?

Everything isn't a total loss, I'm just a little frustrated over how long everything is taking.

In more important news, Bingo T. Pug has a new harness. It's cool enough, most of these days where I can again take him on my rounds and leave him in the car while I go into those benighted places where dogs are not allowed. So, on my latest trip to the Texas Back Institute, where I got my new PT orders (oh, boy!) Bingo T. Pug waited, we then went to PetSmart, got him a brand new red harness. He's never had a harness, just a collar and Pugs, being the kind of critter with a thick neck and small head, could slip right out of any collar that didn't threatened to choke him.

So, Bingo got to show his Momma his brand new harness. This should mean that I shall now be safe from the citified armchair "environmentalists" because, unlike them, I have harnessed the PUG POWER!

So, we are trying to muddle through. I shall have a longish blog post on the .308 Winchester coming soon, and then, perhaps a post on the two cartridges based on the .308 necked up to .338 and .35 calibers. Those two are, I believe, close enough to be in one post.

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