Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Women Of Courage! Join The Resistance!

Well, Linda Lou is going back into that other hospital, at least for a couple of weeks. Seems that she has two bunches of germs that are resistant to the antibiotics they have been feeding her. Not that MERS thing, thank you, God, but two I have never heard of. One seems to be resistant to the oral antibiotic they have been feeding her and one seems to be resistant to all known oral antibiotics.

So they are sending her over in the morning sometime, it seems that they will let me take her over instead of making her ride in an ambulance. Taxpayers, thank me as now that we have both our Federal Employees Blue Cross and Medicare, the poor beleaguered taxpayer would be stuck with every penny.

Doc Buch is on his way to a vacation so we do not know if Linda Lou will need a full six weeks of IV antibiotics or a shorter course, of course I suspect that is more up to her culture tests than any Doctor's wishes, which is one of the things that makes me wonder exactly why we are inserting a mess of lawyers and bureaucrats into the healthcare system.

At any rate it does not matter if the Doc is on vacation as it seems that the minimum course of IV antibiotics will last until he gets back. So, I have to be in North Dallas in the morning. Good night.

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