Friday, November 12, 2010

Muddling Through.

So, now is the time I apologize to Doc Buch. The piece of hardware that was coming out was not something left in by mistake, instead it was the rod keeping the loose, broken bones from flailing around, cutting up everything inside, and eventually outside, of her lower leg. Seems that he told me he took everything out and then put that rod in. Well, they sometimes just lose purchase in the bone and start working their way out.

The good news is that there will be no long stay in the hospital on IV antibiotics this time. She will be coming home tomorrow, with a new rod in place, then we will see about a Final Solution. Sometime in December the Doc will either be able to actually fix those bones or fuse the ankle and fix those bones. The whole problem is that the bones were shattered, just barely above the joint. I do not know exactly why it's so much harder for them to heal so close to the joint instead of a couple more inches away and if someone were to tell me I do believe my eyes would glaze over and I'd either fall asleep or start thinking about something else.

So, that's the deal. We'll either get a complete recovery although she'll still need a cane (the better to shout Get off da lawn!), a fused ankle and a more pronounced limp or a weight loss that nobody really wants. No one is willing to bet or even quote odds. Well, there are a lot of things I did not learn as a boy, the one indelible thing was "eat what's put in front of you." A glance at where my belt buckle would show twenty+ years ago proves that. So, we'll muddle through this, just as we've muddled through everything else. If I were to write a saga of our marriage or an autobiography, that would be the title. As short as my attention span is, though, we'll have to just make it the title of this post. Sooner or later, though, a post on shooting.

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