Saturday, November 20, 2010

At least we now know the germ critters that have infested Linda Lou's leg, they sound rather difficult to get rid of. The one with the short name is Enterococcus. The other one is called Acinetobacter Baumani. Both of these critters are highly resistant to antibiotics.

I made the mistake of looking these critters up online. This leg thing has now gone from a pain in the kazoo to something that is really frightening. I am now left to wonder, with no reliable source handy, are the intertoobz scare stories about these bugs merely a worst case thing that only happens to people in backwater places like Cameroon or New York City or if the worst cases can happen to a somewhat overweight Grandma in a modern hospital in Dallas, and not the county hospital. (Sorry, Parkland, in Dallas, has a world class rep, it also has half of the third world running, unchecked through the place, spreading God knows what.

The last time Linda Lou was in that hospital she felt good, except for the broke laig. Now she is feeling sickly and can't get warm. I'm praying that she is simply coming down with a cold.

At any rate, things ain't exactly brimming over with joy here on the Poorfarm. I can't even go see her every day, we just can't afford the gas, it's a sixty mile trip, one way. And it looks as if she will be in the hospital until at least February, what with trying to knock out this infection, then the surgery to actually try and fix the break (that happened at the end of February 2010), then enough work with PT and such to let her come home. Sigh.

Between now and Thursday I shall find something to be thankful for, I imagine, right this second I'm feeling bleak. At least the Medicare has finally kicked in, until the beginning of this month the co-pays were building up. Or, at least they built up until we hit the "catastrophe level" There, that's something to be thankful for. Now, if she ever walks out of these damned hospitals...

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