Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Well, if it is November the Tenth it must be our anniversary again. Seems like only yesterday that Linda Lou told me I was pregnant and that we had to get married to avoid me looking like a slut or something.

In other News, the then Continental Congress authorized a Corps of Marines to add some muscle to the landing parties of the sailing ships of the day. This has since evolved into a section of the Navy Department. We like to call it the men's section. So Linda Lou wanted a wedding date that I could not forget, she chose this one.

In other news Linda Lou has another piece of metal sticking out of her. This after that third surgery on that leg that the Doc alleged to have removed all of the hardware from in there, then six weeks of twice daily IV antibiotics in a hospital. The six weeks of IV antibiotics were because of the screw that stuck out, somehow the Docs knew there was an infection. Oddly, when the bones stuck out of my leg during that unfortunate incident when I was in the Service, they did not find that six weeks of IV antibiotics were needed. Perhaps an almost twenty-year old does not need as much germ protection. Perhaps our legs were less valuable then. All I know is that I am not real happy, the Doc promised that all the metal was coming out. This ain't right.

So we get an Anniversary Trip this year. We will start by going to Dallas to see the wound care doctor that treated Linda Lou for this last trip into the hospital. From there?

Some women will do anything to avoid having a sex party for their anniversary.

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