Monday, November 15, 2010

Who Knew We Were So Cultured?

Sigh. Well, Linda Lou's surgery went okay, I guess. She lost a lot of blood, seems she had this humongous blood blister thing on the back of her calf and so it either burst or they drained it, I'm not quite clear on that. Anyhow it took so much blood out of her that it somehow lowered some important blood component and so they did not let her go home the next day. So, the day they were supposed to go home they were giving her an IV and feeding er things to build up the blood.

Then the next day they found something growing in her culture, some germ or other. So, she didn't go home Sunday, either. Monday there was more growing. It seems Linda Lou is a very cultured woman.

So, now they're trying to figure out what kind of a germ critter this is, what kills it and does Linda Lou need another six weeks in that cross between a Nursing Home and a Hospital where she was before. Or will some oral antibiotic kill it?

In other news the Physical Terrorists have me pretty well worn out, I'm up to three hours per session with them, three days a week and the list of exercises they give me for the days I don't go there only takes about eighteen hours per day. Of course, that's with the dogs helping.

I'm pretty sure the PT ladies are in cahoots with Linda Lou, they all want me too tired and sore to go steppin' out.

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