Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving At The Hospital

So I got up early and, after a couple cups of coffee I got in the car and drove to town, trying hard to get there by noon. I was only a few minutes late in spite of all those folks driving at forty miles an hour in a sixty-five zone. Sigh.

I got to Linda Lou's room just as they were serving her Thanksgiving dinner, and a tray for me, also. It was nice of them as I did not want to go to the big family shindig without her. It costs so much to go to the city that when I do, I want to spend that time with her.

The Thanksgiving dinner was the usual sort of institutional fare, not bad but, well, meh. We then sat around for a while and up popped Stephanie, her husband and their three boys. I did not have the camera, Linda Lou has forbid, under pain of a slow and painful death, a picture of her until she gets her hair done.

There have been some changes in the boys since I last saw them, William is now more interested in reading his book that conversing with the old folks. Josiah has abandoned the "run, hide!" phase of his development and is friendly again. Karson is still a stinkerpot. He just goes from lap to lap when he isn't running everywhere.

Then they left and we went back upstairs. Soon it was time to come home.

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