Friday, January 08, 2010

The North Pole Moves South Vs Brooks And The Intellectuals

We are in the grips of a genuine Texas Blue Norther, we don't have them every day during the winter but when we do, we might as well be Yankees. Except we mostly don't have the clothes for that job, nor that winter-weight blood. The good news, if it can be called that, is that our blue northers are dry. There is a tad of frozen water left in spots from the rain and sleet we had earlier but the sky has been that bright, hard shade of blue that is almost painful to look at. This is why they're called "blue.

They are called northers because the wind comes hard out of the north. The wind the other day had gusts of fifty miles per hour. It was like Algore standing atop a tower in Resolute, The Northwest Territories of Canada, almost exactly north of here, bellowing clouds of Global Warming right at us. Since it's so far, all the moisture is gone from those clouds, leaving us with nothing but cold, cold air. Which is just as well, most folks down here have never learned about driving on snow. Heck, we start running into one another if there is a cloud in Oklahoma just so we're ready for the mayhem in the rain. Tire chains? Fat chance.

Much of the right side of the Blogosphere is up in arms over the last David Brooks column in the New York Crimes. Please note that David Brooks is their "conservative columnist". Why he is so conservative he endorsed Obama in the '08 election. Something about pants creases. Y'all must pardon me for bein' a pore dumb redneck, and maybe a homophobe, but I go days without staring at strange men's pants. Well, I do look to see if they're carrying a gun and look as if they have evil intent but, pants? Spare me.

Anyhow, Brooks is complaining that people are turning against the "educated class" Now, you must say "educated class" as if you were a genuine New York Crimes publisher. Anyhow, let me explain to Mr. Brooks why America is turning against the "educated class".

It was the "educated class" that brought us Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was the "educated class" that took over the banks and other financial institutions and did their best to run the country's entire economy into the ground.

It was the "educated class" that took over our schools and now overwhelm the few real teachers with tons of silly crap that mean today's BA graduates of an Ivy League University know less than a graduate of Jr. High knew back in 1915. In favor of the "educated class", though, our kids might not know how to write, read and cipher but by God, they have self esteem. And how to put on a condom, we can't forget that.

Our automobile companies were profitable until the old guard died out and was replaced by the "educated class". Our government worked pretty well, right up to the election of the first of the modern "educated class", Woodrow Wilson. Hey, Woody! How'd that war to end all wars work out for you, pal?That League of Nations was a real winner, too.

Along came a couple guys from the "educated class" a little later, Herbert Hoover and then FDR, they managed to turn a normal recession into The Great Depression. David, you might have heard of it, it was in all the papers.

Speaking of papers, the "educated class" have taken over those, too. I'm old. This means I remember when a guy could pick up the paper and find out what is going on in the world.Why, when I was a boy, if something like the climate "scientists" of East Anglia University got a mess of information released about how they were manipulating data and trying to force scientific journals to squelch opposing theories, I would have read about it in the New York Times! Oh, and if, in my youth, a bunch of Islamic nutter killed three thousand Americans and then admitted it, along with vowing to kill more, the papers would not have published so many of our secrets about fighting those nuts. Of course, back then the papers were not run by the "educated class". So they cared about American lives.

The "educated class" have also brought us the double whammy of around a million abortions per year and still the unwed mothers are increasing exponentially. I saw, but haven't yet clicked, a blurb from the Puppyblender, a member of the "educated class" that still maintains a modicum of good sense, about "should we spend taxpayer money on prisons or colleges"? If it weren't for all those kids growing up without fathers we would not need to worry about prisons. The "educated class" fetishizes unwed motherhood, probably because they help so much in tearing down America. Remember how the "educated class" beat up Dan Quayle for his Murphy Brown speech? Eighty percent of rapists are fatherless. Seventy percent of long term prison inmates are fatherless. How much tax money would we need to spend of prisons with 70% fewer long term inmates? The list is much longer on what unwed motherhood is doing to the country and, as bad, to those very children. Yet the "educated class" wants us all to kneel at the feet of the unwed mother while shoveling billions their way. Y'all will, I hope, pardon me for not being educated enough to not understand why we aren't discouraging unwed motherhood. It ain't like we don't know plenty about birth control.

How about this Global Warming "crisis" we're in the middle of? How many billions have we all ready spent? Meanwhile the "educated class" cannot explain why, if global warming is so bad, they are finding the remnants of vineyards under the retreating glaciers of Greenland. To a pore dumb redneck this might mean that climate change just happens, with or without our cars and air conditioners and heaters. The Scandihoovian history is not my main area of expertise but I am unaware that Errick The Red had a coal fired electric plant heating his home and a big ol' steam engine in his Long ships. Yet those were the days of the medieval warm period, which just happened to spark the Renaissance. Y'all might excuse me for thinking we need a bit more Reniassance and a lot smaller and less powerful "educated class".

Please do not think that I am against education. I'm not.What I am against is the mass of people, marching in lockstep, that believe in ideas so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them. Both George Orwell and Michael Levine are credited with versions of this, take your choice. There was a day when education was intended to teach people how to think. Today, education, especially in the liberal arts but also, more and more, in the sciences, does not teach anyone how to think. Hence the consideration of Obama as smart. Why is it that we know all about John McCain's low standing in his graduating class at the naval Academy but nothing at all of Obama's grades in either Columbia or Harvard Law? And why is a Harvard degree where one need take no courses that actually stretch the mind, more intellectual than a degree from Canoe U.? Funny, Canoe U has actual courses requiring the student to think. A Canoe U graduate goes where (s)he will be responsible for millions and then, perhaps, billions of dollars worth of equipment and the lives of men and women. The "educated class" Well, I woud not bet my son's lives on David Brooks. Perhaps that is why, during Algore's famed Viet Nam service, no one put him in charge of a squad. After all, this law school failure and divinity school dropout is part of the "educated class".

I have an idea. Let's take the faculties of the Ivy League, and ninety percent of the "educated class", put them on ships, take 'em out into the middle of the ocean and sink the ships. Make that last ten percent watch. Then maybe the rest of us could get down to business are rebuild the country. From there we might be able to straighten out the rest of the world.

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