Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That Was Scary.

So I forget to take my bedtime pills and woke up about four hours after going to bed. When I realized that I had not taken my bedtime pills I took them and went back to bed, woke up at five in the afternoon.

I swear, retirement is turning me into a vampire. Anyhow I fixed myself a pair of the Pioneer Woman's eggs in the hole, along with four little link sausages, I only wanted three but they were stuck together in the freezer so I cut the last one into thirds for the dogz.

Speaking of the dogz, we took Ming the Merciless to the vet at PetSmart, we had a coupon for a free visit. Since the last time we gave them beef soup bones she's had an awful cough, like she is choking on something. Anyhow the vet says it's not an infection, it's like something is pushing on her trachea. They wanted three hundred dollars for an X-ray, seeing as how we don't have three hundred dollars we brought her back home. Tomorrow, during daylight I am going to put a spoon or two of vegetable oil down her throat and see if that will help her swallow the piece of bone the rest of the way. or maybe throw it up. But I digress again.

I put a piece of the sausage under my desk, where I was eating, for Bingo, took the plate and another third out into the kitchen for CAP and gave the last third to Ming. Whatever is wrong with her has not affected her appetite.

I got back into my little study and found CAP under my desk searching for the slightest stray molecule of sausage that Bingo might have left. So, I sat down with giant dog under my desk and thought little of it except that I had no room for my feet.

We live in the country and, like everyone else who lives in the country, we have a constant battle with the field mice getting in every winter and raising their numerous little mouse families. So we put mouse and rat poison out, everywhere we think the dogs cannot reach, including behind my computer.

So, I'm sitting there, with giant dog beneath my feet and I heard a crunch. So I looked down and saw she was chewing on something green. I thought to myself, "where did she get a big Greenie?", we haven't had any of those for months.

I took another look and snapped to the fact that she had a block of mouse and rat poison. Fortunately I got it out of her mouth before she crunched the whole thing up and swallowed it. Scary. Anyhow I hope she didn't get enough to hurt her. I take the same thing in that rat poison every day to keep me from having another stroke.

So, my hope is that she only got enough to keep her from having a stroke tonight. If we can't afford an X-ray for Ming, we certainly cannot afford to nurse that idiot CAP through a poisoning. Nor do I want to dig more doggie graves anytime soon.

Okay, it's now about two hours past me taking the block of rat poison out of her mouth and she is showing no untoward symptoms. Whew! Dodged a bullet. Thank you, Lord.

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