Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Friend Is Attacked, Unfairly

I spend a lot of time going off my (electronic) friend Cynthia Yockey's site, and not just for the great writing. She has a thing that puts the last four posts of a whole slew of blogs, just running down that list keeps me able to take the temperature of the blogosphere in a shorter time than I otherwise could. Between her and the Puppyblender I can stay abreast of what is going on in the world without subjecting myself to the morons of the MSM.

My friend Cynthia tells me that the founder of the blog Hillbuzz is under attack for being a racist. Now there is a lot I have to disagree with the founder of Hillbuzz, he is, after all a tad left of center while I am a little more than right of center. Even worse, the guys at Hillbuzz are Yankees from Chicago.

Still, I have read that blog and have seen no evidence of racism. What I have seen is a small group of men who know that Obama, and the rest of those far left thug pols from up there who have taken over the Presidency are frauds and thieves. For this they are attacked by the oh so loving and peaceful leftists at DU and Daily Koz. These people, oh so tolerant are attacking them on their sexuality.

Those that follow this blog know that I'm just a pore dumb redneck but I'm wondering why, since the left is always accusing those of us on the right of being homophobes, I keep seeing leftists attacking gays. Let's see, DU types attacking Hillbizz. Check. The Hillsboro* "Baptist Church" waving signs at soldier's funerals, check. Y'all do know that the leader of that Hillsboro* bunch ran, and lost in a Democrat primary election, right?

The men who run Hillbuzz worked hard to help Senator Brown get elected in Massachusetts. They are working hard to derail this Obamacare mess. They will work hard on a few other important issues that we agree on. When we have beaten back this far left agenda we will then have time to argue over our disagreements.

Make no mistake, I have those disagreements with Hillbuzz. While these disagreements are real I also know that the guys of Hillbuzz love this country and are fighting for the best for all citizens, just as I do and am. So, we will win this fight with the far left. After that, we can argue as friends do. I will start by asking, if I'm the homophobe, why are the DUmmies writing that they hope the Hillbuzz boyz get AIDS and die?

I support Hillbuzz in this fight. After we win it I'll go back to callin' them damnyankees.

Update: *Larry, in the comments, was kind enough to remind me that this bunch of "Baptists" up in Topeka is the Westboro Baptist Church. I knew that, it's what happens when one is tired, half senile and sometmes not real bright. Now I'm pretty sure that neither the Northern nor the Southern Baptists will be marching in the next gay pride parade, I can also confidently state that neither of the mainline Baptist Conventions hold the beliefs of the Phelps bunch.

I am not a Baptist. I know a tiny bit about them and know that They do not hold much with the gays. I suspect it's because gays dance. Me? I figure there is so little love in this world that He would not condemn people who love sincerely. Assuming there is a Heaven and a Hell I suspect that Phelps and company are in for a rather hot surprise. At any rate, the Westboro Baptist bunch are not mainline Baptists. While I am in agreement with the First Amendment and religious freedom, the downside is that anyone can start a church and call it just about anything. I've thought about forming my own Baptist Church and holding services every Sunday, the services being a couple of hours of dancing to country-western music. I haven't followed it up because I dance like a white boy.

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