Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Sayin"

I have this little problem. I love being an official Ace of Spades Overnight Thread Moron but it takes up so much time I can't hardly do anything else. Since I've started I can't even get through all of the Puppyblender's site most days. This, of course, has much to do with no highspeed internet out here. Sigh.

I'm going to take a nice nap instead of trying to figure out what ol' Totus Head has to say. I know quite well the state of the union, thank you. It was, with the exception of a war, going quite well, right up 'til November, '06. Funny, after the Democrats took Congress, it got way worse. Naturally, this is considered Bush's fault. Y'all remember Bush? The guy who figured out policies to get us out of the Dot Com bust? The guy that tried to warn us all about Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac? Yeah, that guy. Thank god we had smart people like Chris Dodd and Barny Frank to tell us all how stupid Bush is. Sure is lucky we have somebody smart in the White House now.

That was a nice nap. And some nice, hot, fresh coffee. I'm ready for the long haul, now! I've looked at a couple of websites about the State of the Union speech. Did our loser in chief really call out the Supreme Court? Really? So, let me get this straight in my poor bald head. The Supremes, finally figured out that "Congress shall make no law" meant congress shouldn't make laws, and Obambi is calling out Justice Kennedy, the official swing vote on the court for doing so?

Now I'm not the smartest guy in the room, I didn't go to Occidental and then Columbia, nor did I go to Harvard Law. Still, I'm smart enough to not go picking fights with the guy that might otherwise be in my corner the next time. It's too bad his grades are such a mystery. That might explain his constant, stupid decisions.

Speaking of that court decision that has ever lib screeching about "the corporations!", how come libs, who claim to be so smart, can't figure out that corporations can't decide anything, it's people, many of whom are libs themselves. The lefties don't seem to complain about the millions that Soros has committed to change our system.

Reading what Obama has said makes me want to weep for my country. How have we manged to go from leaders like Lincoln and , yes, FDR, Ike and Truman to this?

Anyhow, I must resign from being a regular ONT Moron on the Ace of Spades Overnight thread or I'll never do any writing on my own place. Maybe, though, as a part-time Moron I can still be smarter than most of the Washington crowd.

Speaking of the Washington crowd, what's with Chris Matthews only now forgetting that Obama is black. What does he do, get up every morning and classify everyone, only today he forgot? There are a large number of people in this country that classify folks differently. Good colleague at work or a lazy bum? Friend or... Maybe fun pal or dreadful bore. Perhaps if Matthews got out of the lefty media/political cocoon and spent some time on a factory floor (if we have any left by the time these idiots are done) he'd find the world we live in is different than his.

Oh, well, I need another nap, I have to go get some blood work for the next doctor visit, which means I should sleep before I drive to town. Then I get to go to the used bookstore and, since it's a fasting thing, Taco Bueno afterwards. Mmm, Taco Bueno! That's worth getting poked with a needle.

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