Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Trip To Town, Whee!

Today we got to go on a big adventure, we got to go to my Neurologist and then, even more exciting, to Lowes Home Improvement to buy a screen door handle and a ceiling fan. Cross your fingers, I am hoping the light thingy on the old one will transfer. Exactly who told Congress that we wanted those stupid candalabra bulbs to light the living room, anyhow. I submit that light bulbs is as good a reason as any to take to the halls of Congress with tat, feathers, pitchforks and torches.

My Neurologist has promised not to retire until after Reid-Pelosi Care takes effect. He's taking me off my antishaking medicine and putting me onto another, seems that he now believes that the numbness in my right ring and little fingers plus that side of my forearm is caused by nerve damage and not smushed discs in my neck. I don't exactly know what changing pills is supposed to do about damaged nerves, though. From what I've read there is nothing to be done about damaged nerves until stem cell treatment becomes a reality, if then.

He also wants me to start wearing those silly arm braces at night. Oh, boy.

I sure am glad Linda Lou bought me that red flannel shirt, the high temp today was supposed to be 35 degrees F. The wind was straight down from the north and when the wind blows from the north ain't nothin' between here and the North Pole but some bob wahr fences and Kansas, neither of which block the wind much at all.

Then off to Wally World to drop off my scripts and, finally, home. It's hard to handle this exciting life.

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