Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bad News At The Poorfarm

So, my neighbors, the ones I talk to, had the volunteer fire dept and an ambulance over there, we kind of kept an eye out but they left with no one on the stretcher so we didn't know what happened. We didn't go over, figuring a health scare is bad enough without nosy neighbors.

Well, Linda Lou went over today to see how they were and to say hello. Seems that the reason they ambulance left with no one on the stretcher was because John died. He might have pulled through, for a while, except that my neighbor called 911 on her cell phone. Where we are, right on the very edge of the county, the call went to the neighboring county and there were several minutes of confusion. By the time help got there he'd been too long gone.

It is too bad but his cancer had spread, I like to think that he was spared a lot of pain going as he did. His last words, said just before his eyes rolled up, were to his wife, Patsy. As he died he said "I love you".

Goodbye, John. You weren't our neighbor very long but you were a good friend.

If you are the kind who says prayers for the dead, say one for John. If you are the type to lift a glass, lift one to him. A man who made his last words mean something.

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