Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Don't Really Care About Ellie Light Except...

Seems that each couple of hours brings more information about this person calling himself or herself, Ellie Light.Quite frankly if "Ellie's" legs grew together and (s)he fell over every time (s)he tried to move, I would neither notice nor care.

The only thing this whole deal says to me is how dumb the left thinks we are and how incredibly stupid the left really is. Of course, we knew about the stupidity of the left, after all, we see the long death toll of the left. We see how anywhere the left is in control, things go into the toilet, which then won't flush. Leftists, though, keep trying to beat that dead horse.

This time, some leftist(s?) writes the same letter and sends it to, what is it now, 1182 newspapers and many publish it. Never mind that the normal thing for a newspaper is to call the writer before publishing. Now seeing as how the average news "professional" is somewhat dumber than a bag of hammers, I don't expect too much of them. Still, one would expect that even a news "professional" would recognize the local phone numbers and area codes. This leads me to wonder.

The other thing about leftists, besides them being dumber than stumps, is that they think they are the smartest people in the room. No matter how big or crowded that room is. I suspect it is because of the way they're "educated". A normal person goes somewhere to school and is told things. This person then looks around and if what they're told matches what they see, fine. If not, they ask themselves, do I believe what I'm told or my own eyes?

The leftist, though, simply regurgitates what is told. Then, because leftists have taken over the schools* the budding leftist gets told how smart (s)he is. So, the leftist grows up, mindlessly repeating what (s)he's been told, like a parrot and constantly being patted on their little heads and told how smart they are. Meanwhile, normal people get told they're stupid for believing their own eyes and, even worse, their parents. It doesn't take long for the normal person to shut up.

So the leftists are told, as children and then all the way up to grad school, how smart they are and, by extension, how dumb everyone else is. Now, assuming the leftist finds the way into, say, mechanical engineering, the military or police work, something like that, this will get knocked off of 'em fast. Which is why leftists go to law school, instead.

So, leftists go along, doing these idiotic things like "Ellie Light" and are always amazed when they get caught. Seems as if there isn't much difference between a leftist and a run of the mill criminal. Both are not too bright. Both are incurable optimists. Both believe, with no particular evidence, they are smarter than everyone else.

The rest of us are always amused. And angry.

*Something simply must be done about this.

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