Monday, March 09, 2009

Why Didn't Someone Tell Me?

So I brought home two packages of Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts for the freezer because they were on special. Unfortunately the freezer is just about full so I had to cook one. I looked around the recipe sites and discovered that chicken and dumplings takes almost no ingredients, water, chicken, spices and you can make dumplings with canned biscuits. (Don't tell my Momma I'm using canned biscuits)

So I put a package of chicken into a pot with some water, some garlic powder and minced onion and a bay leaf, boiled it for a while with salt and pepper, fished it out, cut it up, put it back in and dropped a can of cut up and rolled round biscuits and cooked it all until it was done.

The next batch I'll try squeezing the biscuit dough down some, other than that it was just about perfect. Someone should have told me how easy it was. So now I have a new thing to eat when I am too lazy to do any serious cooking.

In other news I had my follow up appointment with the Doc, seems I'll live another six months, maybe longer.

Some loud leftie wants Rush Limbaugh executed for treason. But dissent is the highest form of patriotism, doesn't she remember? Is there anything more despicable than a leftist? Have we heard one apology from any of them for saying that The Evil Bush was going to cancel the election or at least refuse to let Democrats take power? Heck, not even one "O" key missing from the keyboards at the White House.

Meanwhile, they're trying to excuse the new Administration's screwups by claiming that Obama didn't expect this much work. Perhaps if he'd slow down the partying he might have time to mind the store. And what is with his Secretary of State and that stupid red button? Am I to believe that there is no one in the entire State Department that speaks Russian? Am I further to believe that someone who just resigned as the junior Senator from New York can't remember that there is an entire neighborhood in New York City chock full of fairly recent immigrants from Russia? I think that whole crowd needs to pee in the bottle. I don't think they'd pass.

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