Friday, March 06, 2009

Yearly Shots And A Ride In The Car

Expensive day today. The two Pugs got their shots and wellness checks and are ready for the year. Ninety Bucks. Considering that they wouldn't make a good pot roast between them, that's a lot of money. The Doc wants to expand Bingo's nostrils so he can breathe better. Sorry Bingo, the price he quoted, you're just going to have to wheeze.

The ligaments on Ming's front paws are shot, nothing much to do about that but carry her down the stairs when I take her outside. She can jump up, down is more of a problem. I dunno how long we'll have her, she's not getting any younger.

After that we all went by Wally World to pick up Linda Lou's new prescriptions, Ninety-two bucks just for the co-pay. Getting old is not for the fainthearted. Then, off to Mesquite to the dry cleaner/laundry to pick up our western shirts. I am going to have to check out the laundry/cleaners in Quinlan. We went to the one in Mesquite back when Linda Lou drove right by on her way to work. Seeing as how she's been retired for some years now, and there isn't much reason to drive that far, especially after spending way more than I expected, it's time to make the switch. I am going to miss that laundry, though. The young women that work the front are rather pretty and the minute I walk in the door they ask for my phone number. Now, that's just to identify my laundry but, at my age, I can use the encouragement.

I had planned on buying another thousand large pistol primers since I was near Southwest Ammunition Supply in Mesquite, after the shots and pills that will have to wait. I have a pretty fair supply but each Cowboy Action Shoot takes about a hundred and fifty primers, usually about 120 for the .45 Colt revolvers and rifle, another twenty five or so for the shotgun, the Mag Tech brass shells take large pistol primers also.

I did drop by a used bookstore where I bought another six Louis L'Amour titles. I read most of them back during the Southeast Asian War Games, they were spread out in every base camp and fire base. Mickey Spillane was all over, too. Along with some really poorly printed and bound and very raunchy p0rn. The good news is that it's been so long since I read the L'Amour books that they're new again.

I am going to have to find some new authors, soon though. Mr. L'Amour will write no more books, being dead and all. I have read some of William Johnstone's stuff but it's hard to believe in his heroes. His gunfighters killed more people than Cholera, TB, AIDS and the Black Plague, combined. In every book.

From there I got caught up in rush hour traffic on the way home. I would have gone at a different time but for the Vet appointment. Being retired and living in the country I'm not used to traffic anymore.

I stopped at a Chinese Restaurant and bought an order of curried chicken to go for supper. I'm going to have to learn to cook that. And then, home, the dogs were glad to get there, too. So was I.

In other canine news, Rex died. Rex was a German Shepherd that lived down the street who was in love with a bitch we'd rescued. So he would sneak in the house when we'd let our two dogs in and then lay down and try to be invisible dog. Then the husband of the family decided he liked strong drugs more than his wife, children, home and dog and they all left, leaving Rex. At about that same time our boy in Phoenix got burgled and needed a big dog and a shotgun. So, the next time we drove out, we took Rex. That was quite a little drive in my PT Cruiser, me, Linda Lou, Captain Fatbob the Pug and Rex, plus Linda Lou's ton of luggage.

Anyhow, Rex was getting old and he finally passed. Rex was a good boy. Another dog, waiting at The Bridge for us.

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