Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chris Wrote The Part Of The Stimulus Making Bonuses OK.

So it turns out that Chris Dodd wrote the part of the Stimulus Bill Okaying these bonuses that he is screaming about now. I don't really expect Democrats to be too smart, after all, they're Democrats. Anyone electing Nancy Pelosi as their leader can't be all that bright. But one would thing that Dodd would at least have the sense to talk about something else. Shutting up would be more than I could expect.

Now I know that See BS or the New York Crimes will never mention this but if I know, so do multiple millions of other people. I do not understand how people this stupid can remember to breathe. Dumber than a pile of hammers.

I don't have a lot to say this week. I dunno why but I have no new dog pics, either. And the next Shoot is on the 28thm I may skip it for the second Sunday shoot. The Sunday shoots move faster, they are less crowded. And I have a pal that I might get interested in the game.

I just read that Obambi is taking the guns away from the pilots, the few pilots who managed to squeak through the maze to get them. Oddly, there are still lots of guns on Air Force One. Isn't it kind of odd that the guy who is supposed to protect and defend is worth more than we are? Here is an idea, if we can't have armed protection, neither can he. Let's see how long that would last. There is no word about extra Sky Marshals, either.

I wonder what this peabrain will do after another few airplanes fly into skyscrapers? As hard as the Donks tried, most folks knew that 9/11 wasn't Dubya's fault, we also know that he went into high gear protecting us from the next one. Sometimes a bit too far. Now Obambi is removing the very best idea on stopping the next one. Why? We trust these flight crews with a gigantic airplane with three hundred people on board. Most pilots were trained in the Air Force or Navy, but they can't be trusted with a gun?

I am afraid that it's way past time to ask the question that should have been asked back during the Primaries. Not the one about competence, we know the answer to that one. The question, whose side is this guy on? I don't think we are going to like that answer.

Speaking of whose side is this guy on, now he wants to charge veterans' insurance companies for care for service connected disabilities? Is he out of his mind? Good luck even finding a carrier that would take on veterans.

I made a deal back in '64. I gave Uncle six years, he promised me a few things. One was total medical care if I got hurt. Another was a funeral. Well, Uncle has already reneged on the funeral, no way can I be planted on what they are paying. And now, if I have to go to the VA, they'll charge my insurance? In my case I've fooled them, since I went on disability my insurance is Medicare.

There is a reason, though, that I told the kids not to join during the Clinton years. I believed a Democrat once, LBJ. He said "and we are at peace. And we well stay at peace. Wasn't very long before I was up to my backside in mud with complete strangers shooting at me. Funny, the only difference since then is that Democrats have gotten worse.

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