Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Turn Sixty-Two.

Don't nobody tell my Doctors but I busted my diet today. It started when I had buckwheat cakes, molasses, three fried eggs and four slices of bacon for breakfast. With a big glass of Orange Juice for Tammi, plus, of course, coffee. Well, Ming and Bingo helped with the bacon but not as much as they wanted to. What can I say, getting old takes strength.

I dunno if it counts but I didn't have lunch. Supper was special, a big sirloin steak and a half pound of steamed Brussels Sprouts. Because I'm way fatter than I need to be I skipped the cheese sauce and just had a little melted butter. I also skipped the baked potato. There is about half the steak left, I'll eat that for Sunday.

My birthday cake was golden butter cake with chocolate icing. Somehow I got in trouble for doing what Linda Lou told me to do. She sent me to the store and told me to get cake mix of my choice and those little number candles, a six and a two. So I did. Then when we were putting up the groceries she saw the number candles and burst into laughter. She didn't think I'd buy them. But she told me to buy them. So I did.

So we had a big party, Linda Lou, the dogs and me. The dogs really like to help with steak. I ate well enough to make it to tomorrow. It might have been nice if one of the kids had thought to call.

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