Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stranger And Stranger Or The Orange Toe Chronicals

The news just keeps getting stranger. So we now think that people are buying fully automatic weapons, along with grenade launchers in US gunshops and smuggling them into Mexico. Um, I spend a fair amount of time in gun shops and can plainly state that nothing is further from the truth.

Even if I had the money and the willingness to go through the reams of paperwork that buying a full auto takes, since the Clinton Administration's rules limiting the number of such weapons make it cost ineffective to do so.

The Mexican gangs are buying their weaponry from the Mexican Army, from Hugo Chavez and from the Castro brothers and assorted other badniks. Don't believe me? Then walk into your friendly neighborhood gun shop and ask for a full auto AK or Uzi. Then click on a website like Midway USA or Graf and Sons and try buying a thousand rounds of .223 or 7.62x39 ammo. Heck, it's still almost impossible to buy a thousand primers.

I am curious why the mainstream press thinks it's a good idea to lie to their customers, over and over again. Any time you see the phrase "gun show loophole" you are reading a lie. A federally licenced firearms dealer has to fill out the paperwork and call the BATF hotline. Period. Now in many states a private citizen can sell his own guns with no paperwork, and yes, some do carry their extra stuff to a gun show. Others advertise in the newspapers, I wonder how come the newspaper people never complain about that?

I find it interesting that most of the people getting these dreaded AIG bonuses have been working for a dollar a year, plus a nice bonus if they stayed the year to wind down those operations. I wonder why Obama didn't tell us that? Or Barny? Seems that a dollar a year is the new rich. If a dollar a year is a bloated plutocrat then what are OUR taxes going to?

I went to the Podiatrist yesterday for some work on an ingrown toenail. No big deal, the only thing that hurt was that cold spray, to numb me up for the shots. I did look kind of funny afterwards wearing my big hat, jeans, western shirt and carpet slippers. Anyway I did my best to ignore the toe, the last thing I saw was the Doc painting my toe with bright orange antiseptic. I then put my nose in my book and next thing I knew she was putting my big toe in a bandage.

From there we drove to Mesquite, Texas to Southwest Ammunition Supply. I wanted another thousand Winchester Large Pistol Primers to load my Cowboy Action ammo. They were out of Winchesters and the Remington Primers are up to $39.99 a thousand. That's up eleven dollars a thousand in only a month. So I bought Mag Tech Primers, a brand I'm not familiar with. Mag Tech is a Brazilian company. Sao Paulo, I believe. I dunno how long they'll be in business as the new regime in Brazil seems to be slightly left of Barack Obama. Still, they just had a vote repudiating gun control.

Anyway it wasn't long ago that primers were less than a penny per for the best, the Federal Gold Medal Match. Now foreign primers are thirty bucks a thousand. Plus tax. Sigh. I think I'll use the Brazilian primers for the black powder .45 Colt ammo and save the last 600 of my Winchester primers for my brass cased shotshells and the few hunting and combat loads for the .45 Colt rifle.

From there, following Doctor's orders (heh) we drove down the street to Paperbacks Plus, a used bookstore. We take old books there for credit and buy more. I scored big. I bought an unauthorized biography of Louis L'Amour, fifteen of his paperbacks, two of Elmer Kelton and Joe Hyams' book, Flight of the Avenger, the story of George H. W. Bush in WW2 and his courtship of Barbara. Plus a copy of Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp movie. So that's 19 books and a movie for $27.60. That's a pretty good deal.

So then it was time to head home, we made a quick stop for dog food and bird seed and suchlike and then home. I made a stop at Pop's Fried Chicken in Terrell for a treat, a dozen fried chicken livers, fries and a couple of his corn meal muffins.

Think the dogs weren't glad to see us? Well us or those chicken livers. It's the next day now and there is only a slight twinge in my toe. After Linda Lou takes her nap we'll take the bandage off, clean it up and put the official Doctor's goo on it and re-bandage. Life sure gets exciting when we get old. I bet I'm the only guy in Texas that dresses up to go to Wal Mart.

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