Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bingo Butt

I think everyone ought to have a good look at a Bingo butt. That was the night he was really proud of it, every time I looked his way he was aiming that butt right at me.

I was going to show some photos of Rex but for some reason we cannot get them to any kind of setup to put them on Blogspot. Oh well, he was still a good boy.

I'm going to see my Neurologist tomorrow, actually a new one. I really like my old Neurologist, Doc Walker but he is just so far away and also, so popular that it can take two months for a routine visit. So, well see how the new one does. I don't know why but in the last few days I've been weak as a kitten. Maybe the Doc will have an idea.

The big news here is that Linda Lou fell again, this time in the shower. Naturally she landed her butt on the faucet and knobs so all that is broken. To add to the fun the water was gushing so I went out to turn the water off at the meter. There is a humongus fire ant nest out there so I got eaten alive, I have thirty fire ant bites on my left hand and arm, more on my right hand, arm and legs. I have that shower plumbing blocked off now but one of the connectors is leaking slightly, I'll get a new connector on the way home from the Doc. Until then it's turn the water off untill we need to flush the toilets, turn the water on, flush, fill the jugs, turn the water off.

People wonder why I'm always in a bad mood. I do not understand why Linda Lou won't be more careful. She knows she has poor balance but she keeps trying to throw herself around like a sixteen year old. Sooner or later she will fall just wrong and break a hip, or her spine. Will she listen? Noooo!

The more poison I put on the fire ant nest, the more fire ants. Lucky me. I hope that the poison just hasn't got carried to the queen yet.

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