Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just How Powerful Is Soros?

Here is what I don't understand.... So Tom Harkin almost ended his political career back in 1992 with his claiming to be a Viet Nam Veteran. This has been mostly forgotten in the fifteen years since.

John Kerry, who promised to release his military records, but never did, was hoping we'd forget about that promise.

Yet when Media Matters saw a chance to hit Limbaugh these two, whom many of us view as being on the very top of the "fake soldiers" heap answered the call of this wholey owned George Soros subsidiery.

Now there is a whole room full of Democrat politicians that don't like Limbaugh, after all he disagrees with them. Some of these Democrats are even veterans who did not lie about their own service or the service of others. Yet Soros speaks and these two men, known liars about Viet Nam, leap in front of the TV cameras. They must know we'd remember. Now these people know that one of the top rules of politics is "let sleeping dogs lie".

Yet Soros speaks and they leap up and kick that dog. What is odd is not that Harkin and Kerry are for sale. The odd thing is how cheap they are.

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