Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Little Update

I know that few care but just for grins, I finally got the weeds knocked down some time back. By the time it was finally dry enough to mow the dogs were disappearing in the back yard. The bad news is that even now the cut grass is so thick that the mower bogs down in it.

It's also nearly two weeks since we finally got the new water heater in. A long hot shower beats the foo out of using baby wipes. The downside, of course, is the people driving off the road, blinded by how clean and shiney my backside is, right through the bluejeans it's blinding.

The left seems to be making a major move to shut down free speech these days. Somehow wondering about the choices of this Frost kid's parents is attacking children. I have nothing against the kid, I am not happy about the parents choices. Linda Lou and I have the same number of kids, I don't recall her asking the taxpayers to pay for their health insurance. In saying this I may get my address posted on some lefty website.

If anyone knows Michelle Malkin please tell her I'd be glad to loan her some ammo.

It's a sad night. I was just on the SASS Wire, the website of the Single Action Shooting Society and we lost a pal. Longshot Logan had a heart attack and is now causing trouble upstairs. He was a master woodworker. He made some of the prettiest handgun grips and rifle stocks I've ever seen. He was also a master of the photoshop and kept us in stitches on the Wire. RIP, LL.

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