Monday, October 01, 2007

So, The Voices We On The Right Listen To Must Be Approved By Harry Ried And George Soros.

So, I should have predicted this. Y'all remember when Ann Coulter got all that poo flung at her for being less than enthusiastic about John Edwards manliness? I tried to warn everyone about letting them have an inch. Now Tom Harkin is doing to Limbaugh what Kerry tried to do to the active duty military back in the '70s.

Now I have no problem with those who do not like Rush Limbaugh, There are a lot of folks that I don't like and more than a few who I do not listen to. This does not mean I want them removed from the airwaves. This is why I hate leftists. They go around saying that we on the right are a threat to free speech while trying to silence those who do not agree with them.

Now, Harry Reid is complaining about Limbaugh, trying to get him thrown off Armed Forces Radio. Worse, Tom Harkin has the gall to complain about Limbaugh's phony soldiers comment. Harkin! The guy who tried to pass himself off as a combat pilot over the skies of North Viet Nam when he never served there.

Now I have no problem with those who put on Uncle's suit during that war but never served in 'Nam, we went where we were sent and did what we were told. I do object to lying about it. Now I always figured it took a pair of big brass ones to fly a Navy Jet and had anyone asked me I would have said that it took a lot of courage to ferry planes to the big bases for service. What is the one thing we know about ferrying an airplane for service? It needs service, ie. there is something wrong with it.

I can see it now..."Peter, this airplane needs servicing, fly it over the ocean to get that work done." "Get your Momma to fly that airplane!" Nope, I wouldn't have done it.

But why lie? All Harkin would have to have done was say I flew Navy Jets. I never went to Viet Nam, the Navy needed me elsewhere. Harkin signed up, Like George Bush he flew the airplanes Uncle wanted him to fly and flew them where he was told to fly them. Bush told the truth, Harkin lied.

Now, Harkin wants Limbaugh thrown off the air. Reid wnats Limbaugh thrown off the air. Soros, too. John Kerry says that Limbaugh is denigrating soldiers. It is enough to make Jesus weep.

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