Sunday, October 14, 2007

NASCAR Cooties

So the Democrat staffers of Congress' Homeland Security Committees needed shots to go down to Alabama and North Carolina. I wonder if it was really to protect the racefans from turning Donk? From what I've read that means that NASCAR fans will be pulling the straight Republican ticket.

I don't quite understand this, it seems that a NASCAR track is far healthier than Washington, DC. Of course there is a lot I don't understand.

NASCAR has it's roots in the rural south. It started with the moonshine runners racing their cars. Now the southerners have moved all over the country since those days and they took their music with them. So we have NASCAR in places like California, lots of southerners moved there, Michigan, lots more moved up there to build cars, and unlikely places like New Hampshire and Pocono.

Here is what I don't understand. NASCAR is being broadcast on ABC/ESPN this time of year. The year starts on Fox, moves to NBC and ends up on ESPN. Okay, fine. But why does ESPN/ABC start their broadcast with the Sammy Hagar? Okay, I undrestand that they are trying to broaden the market and that the new fans may not like country music. Fine, throw in some Southern Rock, then or some Gospel. But every week they start the broadcast with something that just annoys the fans they already have.

The Rolling Stones. NASCAR. This just does not fit. Oh well, I record the race, let it get started good and then fast forward through the Sammy Hagar. I wonder if the sposors paying for this know about TIVO?

Saturday nights race at Lowe's Motor Speedway was a heartbreaker for Ryan Newman fans, he jumped ahead after the green came out and was pulling far ahead of Gordon when the back end came out from under him and he backed into the fence.

Someone at Goodyear is going to have to decide to put a little softer rubber on those tires so the boys can have some traction.

Update. I wrote this late last night, actually this morning and wrote Rolling Stones instead of Hagar. Sorry. All those guys who have to stand in the sun twice to cast a shadow look alike.

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