Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Phoney Real Soldier

Things get stranger every day. Now the Mayor of Atlantic City is just out of a clinic. Seems that his actual Army record of 20 years of honorable service with two Bronze Stars and two tours in the Southeast Asian War Games wasn't enough. He had to tell everyone that he wore a Girl Scout Hat, too.

I wonder if you can still start a big, fun brawl by asking a Spec Force Operator for two boxes of Thin Mint and a box of Shortbreads? But I digress.

Anyway this Robert Levy fellow had a perfectly good military resume. I don't know if his Bronze Stars were with the "V" for combat valor or just plain for doing a really outstanding job, it doesn't matter, really. Like millions of other men he went where he was sent and did what he was told. Very well, too. Bronze Stars don't come out of cereal boxes.

But for some reason, that wasn't enough. He had to embellish. Sigh.

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