Friday, October 19, 2007

Off Premises Guns

I haven't commented on the Rebecca Aguilar mess because I don't watch television news. News people are, for the most part, idiots. Isn't it odd that the two majors in colleges with the lowest average SATs are education and journalism?

At any rate I am not surprised by Aguilar, she has always been just a hair to the left of Vladimir Lenin.

There is one important thing in this story that hasn't been commented on, why that poor old guy had to go buy a new shotgun. If, God forbid, you are caught in that old guy's situation and have to blow away a bad guy in your home the LEOs will take that gun as evidence. It will sometimes come back after all the trials are over, many places they are gone forever.

Here is what is not known. Most jurisdictions the LEOs will hoover up all the guns around, regardless of whether or not they were used. That's right. Use a gun to save your life and be left defenseless. So what if the guy you blew away is from a family of career criminals. So what if there are several others worried that you might testify against them. All the guns get taken. Now this is not necessarily the idea of the individual bluesuits but comes from the political types who give the orders.

Any citizen who lives, or works, in a high crime area who believes in armed self defense should have at least one off premises gun that the government does not know about. Now depending on the situation that gun could be kept at a friend or relative's home or buried out in the backyard.

Now this guy in Dallas lived where there is no waiting period, So, if the guy he blew away has friends, he is okay, he's already rearmed. What if he had lived in California? Or some other benighted state with a waiting period? Or worse, someplace where the laws could take a firearms owner ID Card? Remember, this guy had been broken into over forty times before blowing away the first bad guy. And had his gun taken. And then the next one. And had his gun taken.

Will Academy Sports run out of shotguns before West Dallas runs out of crooks? West Dallas being what it is, I'm betting that Academy will run out of shotguns.

Now the best way to hide a gun is to buy some PVC threaded Pipe and end caps with plenty of pipe dope and a big handful of silica gel packets. Put the gun and ammo and stuff in plastic bags. Put a bunch of pipe dope on the threads and put the gun, ammo and silica gel inside, screw it all together tight, let it dry real well and bury it, quietly. Then don't tell everyone.

Naturally I would never do this myself.

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