Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sorry, Mother Earth

I forgot about Live Earth or whatever Algore's series of concerts was called. So I don't know how much "awareness" was raised. Seems to have been a whole lot of jetting, limo-riding and concert fan traveling involved, though.

I did sit home and watch the NASCAR race, instead. Jamie McMurray won his first race in forever, good for him.

I wonder how many earth killing NASCAR races we could have for the carbon footprint of this one big earth saving set of concerts? I wonder if an earth destroying NASCAR race could become green if Algore collected a profit? Seems that since Dale Jr. is moving into Kyle Bush's ride next year maybe Algore could sponsor Kyle's next ride and that four mile a gallon race car would become green...even if it's painted yellow.

I really wish I understood this ecology business. I live in a small house, I drive somewhere two or three days a week. Algore lives in a mansion, flies around in private jets. Shouldn't Gore shup up and let me talk about the environment?

I have thought about this, though. My theory is that if it's good for Algore, either financially or politically, that's environmental. If it's good for ordinary people, who don't live in mansions or fly in private jets, it's detroying Mother Earth. What I don't understand is how come Gore isn't covered in tar and feathers, riding a fence rail out of town.

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