Thursday, July 05, 2007

Help! Help! A Horrible Hefflelump!

Well, actually there are no horrible hefflelumps but I do need a little help. First I need someone who understands code to put two text links up here. It seems the folks from Rifle/Handloader Magazines want a text link here. Rifle/Handloader are the only Gunzines that I even read any more. I sometimes will buy one of the other gunrags when I'm caught out with nothing to read, I go through their articles looking for idiot mistakes, I frequently find them, too. Not in Handloader or Rifle. They also have Load Data, an electronic database of every handload they have published since they started out. In the last month they've put up new loads for fourteen different cartridges.

They are publishing some of my favorite gunwriters, including Mike, "Duke", Venturino, the dean of black powder writers. I do not know if I stole the title of my Blog from him, he stole the title of his column from me or if we just speak the same language and thought them up independantly.

Aside from riches beyond my wildest dreams, well, ten bucks each, the big dogs noticed poor little me. Thing is, I keep screwing up trying to put those things in. Anybody want to put them in for me?

Next, I have a phisher or other crook putting comments in, how do I make them go away?


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