Thursday, July 26, 2007


I haven't written anything here about this "Scott Thomas" feller, now we know who he is, an Army E-2 name of Scott Thomas Beauchamp. From what I've read he has been in the Army far longer to have been promoted so it looks as if he's been busted, at least once. From what I've been reading getting busted is now a bigger deal than in my day.

I don't know much about what is happening over in the Sandbox, I read a few Milblogs and Michael Yon, Badgers Forward, Acute Politics, Mudville and Blackfive, a few others. I read Army Wife and Teresa of Technicalities. Truth is, though, I can't really visualise this war, too many things have changed since I wore Uncle's suit.

What hasn't changed are the men, and now women. If anything they are a higher caliber than in my day. When I served a battle scar would not been jeered at. No one would dare speak loud insults about a woman's burn scars, even if someone did get back to the sandbox with scars like that.

I served with men who'd been burned, burned in those older gas powered vehicles, aircraft and shipboard fires, back then the reconsructive plastic surgery wasn't as advanced, either. I knew a man who died after an AK burst went through a WP grenade or two in a pouch he was wearing.

We had a lot of rough , even gallows humor. We did not ever speak badly to those injured. Some of us might have, our buddies would not stand for it.

I would not be surprise about ugly things being done to bodies, assuming there were no NCOs or Officers around. I'm told that there is no way to wear a Fritz helmet with an extra skull in there. If anyone could, it'd be Beauchamp, he seems to be a pinhead. Still, folks who wear those helmets say it can't be done. I don't know, I do know that it would be odd for one guy to be able to do this all day, sooner or later an Officer or NCO would show up and the feces would interface with the rotary air moving device.

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