Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Links In The Sidebar

Anyone who is interested in shooting or hunting should note the two new links on my left sidebar. The link to Handloader actually links to three magazines, Rifle, Handloader and Successful Hunter. Clicking those links gives us the cover, the table of contents and two complete articles. Each magazine comes out every other month, Rifle one month, Handloader the next. Not being much of a hunter I don't mess with Successful Hunter. I will say that Rifle and Handloader are hands above better than the run of the mill gunzine. Why I don't recall ever seeing a which is best, 9mm or .45acp in either magazine. (hint, the nine is better for some purposes, the .45 for others)
Anyhow the Handloader articles are John Barnsess writing about Berger's VLD bullet for hunting and Brian Pearce's tome on the S&W Model 19/66 and hot loads. Then there is a nice article by Duke Venturino about loading pistol ammo in lever action carbines and an article about the effect of different primers in the .223, on the other end of the caliber spectrum there are articles on Ruger's new .357 Ruger and Marlin's .45-70.

Now, Rifle Magazine is geared more toward the shootin' irons rather than the ammo. Anyhow, click 'em, see what you think.

The other new link is to Handloader's online database. Some years back they started a project of putting every piece of loading data they ever published online, in a searchable set of tables. They claim to have over 100,000 different loads, I haven't counted. There sure are a lot and in cartridges many of us have never heard of, cartridges that haven't been made new since that fracas with the Kaiser, oh, heck, some cartridges that haven't been made new since Geronimo. Still, if you can find, or form, the case, Load Data will have the info. Do you have that old Winchester Model '76 in .45-75? The data is there. Did grandpop bring home a 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer from an attic in Germany? A couple of hundred different loads. If it goes, or once went "BANG!" there should be a load.

There are also articles, separate from the magazines.

Check it out, there is a free set of data each month, just to show what they have. Not a bad deal for $29.95 a year. Price one of the big loading manuals.

Update 07/13/07: Thanks for catching that typo, Harv.

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