Friday, July 27, 2007

The Birthday Bone

It was Ming's birthday, we did not make a cake. Instead I bought a couple of packages of beef soup bones, the ones with meat and lots of marrow. Eddie and CAP like to fight over the bones, they both leave Ming The Merciless alone.

In other news, the dogs have actually dug a hole through the back door and now run in and out at their discretion, at least until I find some good thick plywood to patch the door. Who knew the back door was made of plastic? Good grief, I leave guns around and someone could have dug through the door with a pocketknife. Or a set of claws.

The house is full of mosquitoes and I am somewhat handicapped, we were cleaning the mud off CAP's paws and somehow she kicked me, right on that lump of bone on the inside of my ankle. She put the claw right there and it's swollen and extremely painful. There is no broken skin. Sure hurts, though. When (if) this ankle heals I'll cut up a couple of pieces of plywood and screw them to what is left of the door. I hope a skunk doesn't sneak in before I fix it.

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