Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dean Barnett Is Not Even Half Right

So if you read Blogs you've read of us baby boomers not answering the phone when the Country called, unlike the greatest generation.

Sorry, Dean. Woodstock got the ink, far more of us were in Viet Nam at that time. Here is a hint that most people don't know, most of us that served in the Southeast Asian War Games were not draftees. Less that half of the Army guys were drafted, none of the Navy or Air Farce and there was only a short time when a few draftees were allowed to join the Corps.

I'm real tired of the face of my generation being that of those spoiled kids in the protest marches, yeah those marches were pretty big. If you totaled up the whole bunch of people who ever attended any of them you'll get almost half of the young men who went to Viet Nam in 1968. Nor does the number of us who "answered the phone" stop there. We had our young men in Germany holding back the Soviets, we had them freezing their hineys off in Korea and chasing the girls of low repute in Okinawa.

The young men and women of this new generation are doing a fine job but there aren't near the numbers that served in my time.I doubt we could put half a million American troops into one combat zone while keeping another quarter million at the ready in Europe, and another couple hundred thousand spread around Asia as we did in my day.

Sorry, Barnett, go count the names on that black wall in Washington.

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