Thursday, July 12, 2007

Farmer Brown And The Summer Hay

It finally quit raining long enough to start mowing. The grass and weeds were so tall it is still wet down toward the ground, after three or four days of sun. I could only mow like six inches at a stroke, still the mower kept clogging up with wet grass.

It took a good meal to get this operation started so I had a boneless, kinless chicken breast and a mountain of mashed potaoes and gravy, peas on the side. Ming the Merciless was fasciniated by that meal.

Well fortified I climbed on the tractor and start hacking away. About twice a cut I had to stop and clear the mower discharge. I mowed until I was just about to die and then took a shower and a nap.

The next day I waited until well after six PM before trying to mow some more, and got about half of the front and side yards mowed, then the rain came again.

If anyone cares I am about ready to scream from all this rain. I'm sick of wet, muddy dogs. There just ain't nothin' in this world friendlier than a wet muddy dog.

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