Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just a few pictures of this last trip. I have been calling it The Vacation From Hell, it wasn't really. The downside was simply a lack of money, we were about three thousand dollars short of the minimum needed. California has been expensive for decades, and it's not getting any better.

Then we got to Arizona and had to wait until we got our checks to make it home, meanwhile I couldn't even go shooting. We couldn't afford even the range fees and even the National Forest land was closed to casual shooting because of the wildfire danger.

Anyhow, here are some pics of the one shoot that I was able to attend, plus one shot of our grandniece. This was the shoot outside of Prescott, AZ that I wrote about. I am semi-confident that the pics of the 12 gauge will prevent any potential Deb Frisch types out there.

I really don't understand that mess at all. I know that Lefties and (some) righties can be hateful but leave the kids out of it. Actually I know of no right-types that would go so far as to imply threats to a child. When we on the right tend to disagree politically, we think our opponent is wrong. When a Lefty disagrees, they often think their opponent is evil. I'm not positive as to why, perhaps it is because for so many on the Left, politics IS their religion.

At any rate, I had some words with Goldstein awhile back, over nothing really that important but it annoyed me. So I quit going to and commenting on his blog. There were no threats against anyone's family.

Oh well, lots of smart people have commented on the Goldstein/Frisch situation, perhaps someone smart enough to understand it. I certainly don't. All I know is that if someone threatens my family I'm going hunting. 'Course if anyone further away than across the street wants to threaten my family I hope they wait until payday. I'm not sure how well I'd do hitchhiking with a couple of rifles and a shotgun. Maybe if I showed some leg.

Well, I have lots more pictures to post and not much to say, so let me close this. More in the next couple of days.

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