Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another Road Trip coming

Well I thought I was safe at home for the next few months, no such luck. We stayed in Phoenix so long to house sit so the kids could help my daughter in law's brother move to Nebraska, Plattsmouth to be specific. It turns out that the guy needs to go home, to Phoenix, and needs some help.

Since everyone but us is stuck working we are being drafted for assistance. Various members of his family who are not on skinny pensions are underwriting this, financially. So, I get to go to some more of the country and see if there are any Bushco Gulags full of Leftists having their dissent crushed. I keep looking. There seem to be none of these in the parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California that I drove through. Unlike the previous administration that burned a bunch of previously harmless religious loonies to cinders.

Anyhow, Nebraska must have something going for it, Linda Lou won't let me make this trip alone. Must be all those loose Nebraska women. It couldn't be that she doesn't want me scurrying on an over three thousand mile trip by myself since that stroke.

Anyhow, I've never been though Nebraska, seems like I'll see much of it through the windshield. Anyhow, anyone know of any must-see locations in Nebraska? I must check the map and see where Grand Island is, I believe that is where Hornady Bullets is located. We'll also be going through a part of Colorado and New Mexico we've never seen.

Later...Well, I googled Hornady Bullets and found a bunch of stuff I'd written, I'll have to go to another search to see if I'll be able to drop by and say hello. I have only used Hornaday bullets for a couple of rifles, I'd always used Sierras, mostly. About all I've used Hornadays for is revolvers since the XTP Hollowpoint up until I started loading a little ammo for my son in law who is still getting used to the recoil of a full fledged .30-06. Ah, there it is, just as I suspected, right there at Anyhow, the Hornady 130 gr Single Shot Pistol bullet in front of the 60 percent of the maximum load of H4895 is a real good light load that will also take down any deer. Then as he gets used to that level of recoil I upped the charge some. If he ever gets out and practices I can switch to a 150-165 gr. bullet built for the full rifle velocities. And I just figured out that I have been spelling Hornady wrong for something like forty years, now. It's Hornady, not HornaDAY. Awk!

What? I'm supposed to be writing about another trip. Well, we'll be driving on I-80 west until we get to I-76 and duck southwest into Colorado. Then it's south on I-25 and wave at the fledgling Zoomies at the Air Farce Academy as we blow through Colorado Springs, then duck down and sneer at the Hippies of Santa Fe. We have driven through Colorado and New Mexico east-west and west east, we've never happened to drive through those states north-south. It's going to be hard to drive and moon the hippies at the same time. I guess I'll have to make Linda Lou drive through Santa Fe.

Anyone know of some must see sights along that route, please let me know.

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