Friday, July 07, 2006

Home, Safe

We are finally home, the Vacation From Hell is over. Of course we got home and the house was an oven. The ants had got into the air conditioner's switch, again.

It was entirely too hot to mess with unpacking, except for the miniumum, toothbrushes and stuff. So, tomorrow will be unpacking everything we own, plus stuff that we borrowed, after I spread ant poison everywhere. I have tons of pictures, everything from nieces, grandchildren, holsters, elephant seals...if it is safe for work I probably have a picture. Seeing as how this trip broke the bank I will be blogging and posting about these pictures for quite a while. For Blogfather Harvey and anyone else wanting to know about NSFW pictures, well, we are sixty years old. If we have any, you don't WANT to see 'em.

Anyhow, a few days and I'll be back in harness.

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