Friday, July 28, 2006

The Apprentice Pug

I had to lay off the saga of the big circular trip, we got busy with other stuff. We spent quite a bit of yesterday begging the credit union for a loan, we finally got one. We then discovered that we didn't really need it as the Postal Service had a check for Linda Lou, the vacation pay for the time she'd been put off the clock, illegally. We didn't know that this check had been sitting around for months but we were glad to take it.

This morning it was up early to go to Carrollton, a suburb north of Dallas. There was a Pug in Doggie Jail there and his people had not come after him. Today was the first day he could be adopted. We got up there about thirty minutes before the shelter opened. Good thing. There were two other people there before the shelter doors opened, each behind us, each after Wilbur the Pug.

Wilbur is another Black Pug Of Doom and he and Linda Lou did not quite hit it off. Instead we let the other woman there have him, in part because his eyes were full of goo and he wouldn't stop coughing, in part because he wouldn't calm down for Linda Lou but did for the other lady. And in part because Wilbur looked too much like Captain Fatbob.

Instead of a grown dog bailed out of Doggie Jail we spent $500.00 on a new fawn Pug puppy. Quite frankly I would have rather waited around and found a grown dog from the Pug Rescue people and not had to deal with the chewing and house training but Linda Lou liked the little guy. So now we have a new puppy that we have to teach how to be a dog. I'll have a picture or so up within the next few days and finish the great saga, too.

We have not yet figured out his name, it usually takes a few days for the personality to show through. He was born on May 16 and is cute as a bug.

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