Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Garden Of The Gods and New Mexico.

We got up fairly early and reloaded the van and drove south into Colorado Springs, past Zoomie U. I was disappointed because Linda Lou would not take over driving for long enough that I could moon the Air Force Cadets. Drat!

We got into the city of Colorado Springs and drove over and saw the Garden Of The Gods, a lot of red rock, piled up in amazing fashion. We did not take the time to drive up on Pike's Peak, we had miles to go. More than I knew at the time.

We did drive over to the cliff dwellings nearby. When I saw how much it was going to cost I was for turning the car around, so was Linda Lou. I'd seen some cliff dwellings before, maybe not so well preserved but still, this wasn't our dime. Brian handed the money over from the back seat, We asked if he was sure he wanted to pay for this, he said sure. We got out of the car just as they were getting ready to have a display of some of the Indian Dances. When the drum started up I was about ready to dig out the shootin' irons but it was just a demonstration. Fortunately they seem to have stopped torturing their captives to death. I have no big desire to be staked out on an anthill or suspended over a fire.

What was surprising was how cool it was inside the houses, it shouldn't be, I suppose. I used to do some cave climbing. Solid rock is some pretty fair insulation. We then went through the souvenier stand, er museum. The sign said museum they sure were selling a lot of stuff, though. Anyhow, the cliff dwellings of Colo Springs is a worthwhile stop but it's close to ten bucks a head.

A quick lunch and back on I-25, headed south. We blew past Fort Carson, I didn't get to moon the Doggies, either. Phooey. Then it was just miles and miles of miles and miles.

We got into New Mexico and started seeing herds of speed goats, the American Antelope. I had never been through that part of New Mexico before. I-25 through that part of Colorado and New Mexico is right at the top of the plains, the Rockies are right there in the right and we ran into a few foothills but mostly it was just the high desert plains.

The Antelope co-exist nicely with the cattle and horses, grazing on the same pasture. I am not quite sure about what the cows think about the antelope leaping over the fences that stop the cows. I'll have to ask a cow psychologist next time I see one. I am not sure how New Mexico's hunting regulations go, if they're anything like Texas those ranchers will make a pretty penny on hunting leases.

Just north of Santa Fe we ran into the Sangre De Christo Mountains and the road started doing some fancy twisting, I noticed the compass in the car saying we were going north a couple of times.

We stopped in Santa Fe just to pee and head on, it was our intention to spend the night in Albuquerque and we'd spent so much time in Colorado Springs that we just didn't want to spend any more time stopped. I can out of the john and Brian was on the cell phone, saying that we didn't have the money for another motel room. So I decided that, rather than have anyone wire more money that we'd just try to drive staight through. After all, three licensed drivers and it was already getting dark, surely someone could get some sleep and then drive when I crashed.

Drive I did, we filled up the car in Albu-Q and headed west of I-40, the heir of Route 66. It's been a long time since I drove that route, it filled up with Indian Casinos since last I drove it. That's why they no longer torture their captives, they've found a new way to scalp the whites.

Anyhow we charged through the night and all I can say about that stretch of highway is that it was dark. I know nothing of the vegetation, wildlife or terrain, just that it was dark.

We pulled into Phoenix right about sunrise. I had got about a two hour nap in the backseat but Brian was so flakey on the road from Flagstaff to Phoenix that I took over the wheel again.

Phoenix is where all Hell broke loose. That's the next item, tomorrow or the next day.

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