Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Grand Island

We're stopped for the night in Grand Island, Nebraska. Last night was Topeka, Kansas. We didn't get very far today, we started off visiting Linda Lou's parents graves in Topeka, then we drove north on a US Highway, Hwy 75 into Plattsmouth. This is a town that grew up at the spot where the Platte River meets the Missouri. Being somewhat of an amateur historian I had to go to that spot, being a guy I had to pee in the river there. A little present for St. Louis and New Orleans.

Anyhow, we picked up my daughter in law's brother and got moving. Simply because I never have, we crossed a narrow little toll bridge into Iowa and drove up Interstate 29, caught I-80 and blew west through Omaha and Lincoln.

There is a heck of a lot of corn up here and something else that grows next to the cornfields, I suspect it may be soybeans but I am not quite sure. Linda Lou is a Kansas girl but not a farm girl, her family was railroad, the Santa Fe. Anyway, we're going to take the tour of the Hornady plant and then head for Kearny and see the Fort Kearny State Historic Park. If i bemember my history that was a fairly important Cavalry Fort in the Indian. Wars Anyhow, there is a visitor's center in an old caboose right next door by the truck stop/restaurant. I'll ask there. Then, with just a little luck, we might make it to Denver for another night. That would make it an easy trip down to Phoenix in two days. Only a couple of four hundred plus mile drives, heck some folks commute almost that far. It's an awful long one day drive, two is a piece of cake.

Anyhow, bullet company blogging coming up, for now it's time to relax some.

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