Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Captain Fatbob Didn't Make It.

Captain Fatbob, the Black Pug Of Doom didn't make it. He apparently had a heart attack after getting too hot. He was doing fine when we stopped for lunch just north of Oklahoma City at a Cracker Barrel, a crew of children found him and were happily petting him, except for the kid that was messing with his curly Pug tail, he always hated that. A quick warning about a suddenly removed arm stopped the messing with the tail, though.

We got back in the car and kept driving north and he wouldn't stop panting, even after I directed most of the car's air conditioning down on him.

We started getting worried so we stopped at the last rest area in Oklahoma, I poured some water over him but by then he was unconscious. I hit the road with the flashers on while Linda Lou got on the cell phone, we found a Vet Hospital in the small town of Wellington, Kansas. Too late.

Linda Lou is heartbroken.

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