Monday, July 10, 2006


Here are a few photos from another trip out west of here, this one was in 1951. You can see me, I was the little short guy, my big sister, Carolyn, my Mom, Virginia and James, my Dad.

I have a bunch of slides from back then, too. Slides from around then and up to 1959, six or eight boxes, each with room for 150 slides. Each box has several to many empty slots, those are probably slides that were commandeered by relatives or ones that did not survive being stored in a garage.

One thing I am noticing, again, is how many of these old photos contain the cars we had. I have dozens of old slides with pictures of my folks in front of their cars, it seems people don't do that much anymore. I have seen photos of folks standing in front of their cars from the turn of the 20th Century to about the 1960-1970 period, then it seems to have pretty much stopped. I wonder if it is because we're so used to having cars or maybe it's that so many cars look alike these days.

At any rate, it will be a matter of months before I have all the slides turned into prints and scanned into the computer for blog fodder. I shall have to go through them, pick out the ones to turn into prints and then print a dozen or two out each payday.

Anyway, here is a small look at an American family fifty-five years ago.

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