Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Eric:

Dear Eric, I know that this is a busy time of the year but I thought I'd drop you a line. You seem to have forgotten the oath you swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. If you can, take a look at that oath, Eric. The oath was not to the Democrats, nor to Barry Obama. Your job, Eric, is to enforce the laws. Politics are another department, you might recall the big stink over Bush politicizing the Justice Department.

Eric, I do not believe you understand how thin the ice is underneath your feet, nor how deep, swift and cold the water. You are blithely ignoring rampant vote fraud running up to the election, in Houston, Arizona, Washington State, and other places, too, I'm sure. Eric, our government depends on the consent of the governed. There are not enough IRS agents to go after everyone if they, like in Greece, start massively cheating on taxes. There are not enough cops, period, if Americans become scofflaws. Yet, Eric, that is what we're facing if you keep letting people steal elections. Tell me, Eric, after Al Franken blatantly stole the election up there in Minnesota, excuse me, kept "counting newly found votes", don't want that mean ol' Al threatening me, why should any American obey any law for which his vote made fifty-one?

Eric, you are depending on the fact that we Americans are a peaceable lot, and you're right. We do have our limits, though. And we;re just about there. Eric, we do not mind getting beaten in a fair and honest election. So, Eric, how about you try this novel approach? Equal enforcement of the law. No Republican will complain if you lock up all the Republicans who actually break the election laws as long as you do the same with Democrats. Or, Eric, are you an Attorney General of Cowards for not wanting to talk about those crooks trying to steal our Republic? Eric, I'm betting you are a coward.

Come on, Eric, how about it? A fair election. Is that too much to ask?

See you in November,

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