Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Boring Health Post

On the Linda Lou front, she is now able to get up into her wheelchair again and is also able to go outside, weather permitting. Wednesday, after my bout with the physical terrorists, Bingo T. Pug and I will go see her. I'm not persactly sure how much she misses me but she sure does miss Bingo.

No one knows exactly why but Linda Lou is shedding weight like crazy, it's something called "water weight". Since it has been inconvenient to move and I'm not making her every wish come true on a minute to minute basis, she isn't drinking as much, meanwhile she is peeing like crazy. Sorry for the TMI there but, she's lost some thirty-five pounds since entering the hospital on Sept. 22. That is a pretty big deal. The bad news is that I think I foresee a major cake, ice cream and cookie famine when she gets home. Fortunately, she doesn't like the same kinds of pie I do. That's something.

I went for my first bout with the physical terrorists today, for the arthritis in my back. It's the same place I went for my shoulder rehab, after that repair in June, '08. The receptionists is the only person still working that location, though.

The first bout did manage to move the pain in my back from the lower region, just above my hips to between my shoulder blades and my neck. I hope this is a temporary thing. There doesn't seem to be much profit in moving the pain from my back to the neck. Perhaps the secret plan is to keep moving it up until the pain all flows out the top of my head and spatters on the ceiling.

More likely it's just that I'm using muscles that I don't normally use because it hurts. We'll see. Afterwards I took my muscle relaxant pill and died for a long nap.

Well, not directly after. First I, since I was already in Quinlan, went to Wally World. I noticed that the last time I made easy chili I used the last envelope of chili seasoning so I had to buy that, plus some diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Since I was there I cruised (more like limped) past the rack where they put out the marked down baked goods and there was a caramel apple pie. SCORE! That's one for the good guys.Then past the meat and there they were, busy marking down stuff. I the guy was marking Porterhouse steaks from $9.98 per pound to $3.99. I'm not exactly sure why there were only a few left but I got what I thought were the two prettiest. What's that they say in South America? GOOOOAALLLL!!!11!!

Then it was home with the Armadillos. We have armadillos, BTW, if I had a real lawn they would bother me, digging for ants and suchlike. We have all kinds of critters out here, I leave them alone, mostly. I don't even bother with a hunting license these days.

Anyhow it was home for the muscle relaxant, then a long nap and then I watched Four For Texas on the Western Channel. I sure lead an exciting life. I did notice Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress. And today Hollywood thinks that turkey necked Julia Roberts is pretty?

Anyhow, a porterhouse, baked potato and a sliced tomato later it was bedtime. What an exciting life.

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