Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good News!

Just a quick post before the young sadists at the Physical Terrorist Office torture me some more:

Linda Lou is coming home!!!!11!!The target date is November the third, while I hope we are celebrating huge gains in the House, Senate and the lower races. Although I'm not sure they should be called "lower races", considering how much power a County Commissioner or Sheriff has.

Anyhow, Linda Lou comes home and then goes back in for the (hopefully) last round of surgery on the 18th. I say that this is the last round because if this next operation doesn't work, she'll then go back in, have the leg amputated below or at the knee and get a peg leg. Arr! This surgeon is quite confident and competent, though so I have confidence myself.

The bad news? I'd better clean up the house!

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